Successful story


Little Ones Poverty Relief


Lantau Island, Hong Kong



Applications Replaced

None; organization launched on NetSuite


NetSuite ERP, CRM

Customer Success supports Little Ones Poverty Relief's efforts to alleviate malnutrition among underserved children in remote areas of China.

Ease of use and rich feature set in NetSuite enable charitable organization to focus limited resources on making a difference, not administration and IT.

Little Ones Poverty Relief can better manage its lifecycle of selecting partner schools, conducting field surveys, providing services and evaluating impact.

NetSuite accounting simplifies management of expenses and income (from donations and fundraising) and provides financial snapshots at any given time.

NetSuite enables Little Ones Poverty Relief to build profiles of child beneficiaries and donors to help illustrate successful social impact.

NetSuite CRM and marketing capabilities help Little Ones Poverty Relief engage with donors and supporters in Hong Kong.

Organization can better manage and allocate about a dozen volunteers to various food, camp and ministry projects.

Multilingual capabilities in NetSuite enable interactions in either Mandarin or English for greater flexibility.


As a startup in 2012, Little Ones Poverty Relief knew it would benefit with proven accounting and business management capabilities to strengthen its mission.

Nonprofit charitable group couldn't afford to invest in costly on-premise software and IT systems.

Bloom & Grow personnel productivity suffered with frustrating and laborious business processes.


Live since January 2013, NetSuite supplies a single source of data easily accessible to a small non-technical staff.

Free and discounted licensing through the corporate citizenship program keeps expenses low and enables resources to be channeled into the mission. SuiteVolunteers program supplied pro bono services to help Little Ones Poverty utilize NetSuite CRM and marketing capabilities.