What is Qlik Business Discovery

Qlik® provides a platform-based approach to visual analytics that brings insights and clarity to where it’s needed the most: the point of decision. This empowers the entire organization to make decisions with confidence and transforms business analysts and knowledge workers across the organization into indispensable champions.

Vantis’s Value for Qlik Big Data Analysis in Hong Kong - Vantis is both QlikView reseller Hong Kong and QlikView Hong Kong Partner. We provide the Big Data consultancy of both QlikView, QlikSense and NPrinting by QlikView consultant HK and Big Data Consultant HK. We understand the requirement of Big Data analysis from different industries so as to provide the dashboards of social media analytic and what-if analysis reports.

Faster, scalable analysis

You can enjoy a super – fast experience, even while freeform exploring.

  • In-memory processing
  • Columnar data store
  • On-demand aggregations

More exploration, less restrictions

Use the QIX engine to find the answer to the question you’re asking. Discover valuable insights to questions you didn’t know to ask.

  • Automatic associative indexing
  • The power of gray - aid discovery
  • Smart Search

Mobile done right

Want to deploy to tablet? Desktop? Mobile? New form factor? No problem.

  • True responsive design - Qlik lets you build once for any device, then deploy anywhere, on any device. Responsive design adapts on the fly to the device’s form factor and interaction method.

A platform to build on

The Qlik Analytics Platform was intentionally designed to allow you to build on it.

  • Open & standard set of APIS
  • Using mashup & extension APIS

Governance gives you confidence

Determine who can access what — and what they can do with it. But don’t confuse governance with rigidity.

  • Governed self-service libraries
  • Adaptable, policy-based security rules
  • Storytelling

Why Qlik is Different?

Find the hidden insights typically overlooked by other tools — it’s all right there at your fingertips.

  • Super-fast freeform exploration
  • Explore data in any direction
  • Deploy anywhere, on any device
  • Designed for you to build on
  • Governed data with flexible rules
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