Sep 30, 2022 | 2 min read

Introducing Qlik AutoML on Qlik Cloud

Introducing Qlik AutoML on Qlik Cloud

Qlik AutoML, providing predictive analytics capabilities, is now available for all Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers. Qlik AutoML uses a subset of AI to learn from your historical data and create predictions to help you analyze future outcomes.

Qlik AutoML is now available and fully integrated into Qlik Cloud. This brings the power of machine learning directly to business analysts and analytics teams, allowing you to easily generate machine learning models, make predictions, and plan decisions – all within an intuitive, code-free user experience. All Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS customers can begin using Qlik AutoML immediately, as we have included unlimited experimentation and 2 deployed models with every subscription.

With Qlik AutoML, you can:
Easily create ML experiments, identifying key drivers in the dataset and training models. Make future predictions on current data, complete with prediction influencer data (Shapley values) at the record-level. Easily publish data and integrate models into Qlik Sense for exploration and what-if scenario planning

About Vantis

Vantis Solutions Limited, a NetSuite premier partner in Hong Kong, provides end-to-end business solutions and training services throughout the Greater China Region, with expertise in ERP, CRM, eCommerce, social networking and business intelligence. It has partnered with NetSuite to fully integrate online marketplaces, such as in China, into the SuiteCommerce platform. Vantis' online marketplace solution allows businesses to use online marketplaces as an additional sales channel, which integrates into NetSuite's core ERP and CRM business management application. This allows easy creation and management of product listings, particularly automated synchronisation of stock levels, pricing, and product details.

Choosing the Right ERP Vendor

Growing businesses are increasingly turning to ERPs based in the cloud, such as NetSuite ERP, which automates and integrates many core processes without the upfront costs required when deployed on-premises. From a single NetSuite ERP application, businesses can manage accounting, inventory, orders, manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse operations with companywide visibility of operations and data. NetSuite ERP also integrates with other NetSuite business applications, such as ecommerce and CRM.

Choosing the Right ERP solution provider

Vantis is your right solution partner! With our expertise and industry best practice experience, we helps customers define their key problems and solve difficult technical challenges. From planning, operation processes and workflows, system integration, implementation, support and training. We will help you make the right decision for your company.

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