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“It’s easy to use; even students who lack computing knowledge can learn it. Just two lessons on Qlik can give them valuable hands-on experience.” - The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

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The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK)


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Hong Kong



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Reimagined Processes



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In the face of talent competition, HSUHK needed to find relevant academic learning tools to produce market-ready graduates. HSUHK hopes to support students on their journey to a successful academic conclusion and expand relevant learning tools for wider student use.


HSUHK deployed Qlik as part of a master’s course to equip students with real-time data analytics skills.


In the 12 years, the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management (SCM) of HSUHK has been dedicated to developing and offering high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate programmes which support local and global development in information technology innovations, business logistics, and aviation management.

With the demanding new standards faced by Hong Kong graduates, it is a key requirement for Hong Kong’s higher education sector to ensure that graduates are market-ready and equipped with the correct skillsets for employment. SCM hopes to meet some specific learning outcomes and give students a high level of fluency in data analytics. Following advice from industry experts, HSUHK founded Vantis, a company with provides IT solutions. After analysing HSUHK’s needs, the Vantis team introduced Qlik as a learning tool in the E-Business and Enterprise Systems module of its master’s curriculum. With Qlik, SCM can provide a portable and user-friendly platform that enables academic staff to deliver industry knowledge and increase student engagement delivering improved academic performance.

Maintaining the edge during COVID-19

Continuity in learning was a key requirement for all students during the pandemic and, with practically no need to install new servers or carry out complicated set-up processes at the campus’s laboratories, the business carried on as usual for Hang Seng University.

The cloud-based platform meant teaching staff could access the interface online, enabling them to work from home, while students could continue their studies and access useful features to complete mini-projects, one of the module’s major requirements. “All they needed was a username and password to access the platform,” says Dr. Ho To Sum.

Students were tasked to continue their analysis of various supply chain sectors. This is well supported by Vantis’ cloud IoT system service subscription to the university as it provides environmental sensors to capture data such as temperature and humidity to the cloud. It is Qlik’s adaptability that allows SCM students to conduct real-time environmental monitoring during the transportation of consumer goods in the smart supply chain process.

The results are evident. Qlik’s agility compared to other tools on the market has meant student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, scoring 5.7 out of 6 in a ranking of the module. More importantly, its success underscores Qlik’s position as both a powerful academic tool and a means for students to gain invaluable industry experience.