Drive business alignment

Define concise goals in a top-down view to ensure alignment with your organization. Communicate to everyone how they contribute to the overall business strategy. Stay in sync with your teams through goal progress tracking; easily modify when key goals require additional training, support, or feedback.

Aggregate denser data

With Cornerstone’s performance management solution, better inform talent initiatives using richer data. Use a symbiotic duo of annual performance reviews and continuous feedback to capture organizational data, like compensation, and development data, like feedback. Provide a holistic framework for talent development; this way, you can quickly identify and respond to potential problems and nurture growth.

Identify and close skill gaps

Our performance management solution allows you to track talent gaps with 180- and 360-degree feedback. In a snapshot, see a complete view of employee data and respond appropriately to identify & develop talent abilities.

Increase employee engagement

Continuous career development is crucial for engaging today's employees. Create personalized development plans to help them grow. Inspire and motivate them by making transparent how they contribute to overall business goals.

Are you a small to medium-sized business?

Cornerstone has your back. Learn more about our commitment to your success. Discover how our specially-tailored learning and performance management software can lead to amazing results. This specialized platform was designed for businesses with up to 250 employees.