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Network Protection

We can help protect your entire network with next-generation network security solutions that intelligently recognize even unknown threats and adapt to prevent them in real time, includes protecting the network from threats with behavioural analysis and the latest threat intelligence, reducing exposure to advanced malware by boosting control over application and user behaviour, Researching the latest global security threats and aggregating actionable intelligence and collaborate.

Data Protection

Monitor enterprise-wide database activity, detect and stop unauthorized data access, and simplify compliance with data privacy and protection regulations.

Virus Detection

Analyze endpoint activity to find malware infections before damage is caused to business operations.

Network Situational Awareness

Continuous network monitoring is needed to develop innovative security programs that integrate people, processes and technology into an organization’s security strategy. Continuous network monitoring is not simply continuous scanning; it is monitoring the network in real time to gain a complete picture of all assets while identifying their weaknesses so they can be mitigated to minimize the attack surface.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security protects desktops, laptops, servers, and fixed-function devices from malicious internal and external threats. It defends what is now thought of as an enterprise’s perimeter – the devices that are the gateways into the network – from known as well as unknown threats. These threats, which include malware and non-malware attacks, attempt to steal data, destroy infrastructures, or cause financial damage.

Response and Recovery

Incident response and recovery can take long time, an effective security platform helps to clear out mundane tasks tying up your security administrators’ time using automation, while also offering them orchestration across their security infrastructures to be more productive. It enables them to handle more incidents, investigate the most important issues more deeply, and broadly improve your organization’s overall security posture.


DevOps increases the ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Organizations create DevOps-ready security by empowering developers to solve security problems, making application security elastic, moving automated security into the pipeline and monitoring attacks the same way performance is monitored.


Organizations need application security solutions that cover all of their applications, from those used internally to popular external apps used on customers’ mobile phones. These solutions must cover the entire development stage and offer testing after an application is put into use to monitor for potential problems. Application security solutions must be capable of testing web applications for potential and exploitable vulnerabilities, have the ability to analyze code, help manage the security and development management processes by coordinating efforts and enabling collaboration between the various stakeholders.