We offer comprehensive implementation service for customers by the implementation methodology as below. This proven implementation steps ensure the project to be conducted in the most effective way and have a status checking for each milestone.

Step 1 - Planning A project kick-off session will be arranged to run through the functional requirements discussed during the sales process, introduce the project teams and discuss the initial plan, tasks and responsibilities. The initial software installation will also take place and any hardware delivered (if required).

Step 2 - Design During this phase our senior consultants will conduct a series of workshops and discussions with key customer stakeholders in order to understand in detail the business processes and requirements. The output from this phase is a detailed "Blueprint" document which forms the basis of the project moving forward.

Step 3 – Configuration Based on the results of the previous phase our consultants will build and configure the system using customer data. This pilot system will then be used during a series of workshops to test and further define the final solution. This is often an iterative process as new requirements and functional tweaks are identified as the users become more familiar with HRMS and its potential.

Step 4 – Training and Final Preparation During this phase end user training is undertaken on the configured system, final data is brought across and cut over plans drawn up. The system then goes through final checks and reconciliation prior to switching over.

Step 5 - Go Live Support Following go-live our consultants will handhold the end users until they are confident with the system, they will monitor the live environment and close any residual issues or tasks that were not seen as a priority for go-live.

This is a continuous process after system go-live for further need on system automation enhancement/ report customization.