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Budgeting and Expense Management

What Is Budgeting and Expense Management?

NetSuite Budgeting and Expense Management automates labor-intensive planning and budgeting processes so finance teams can quickly and easily produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios and generate reports — all within one collaborative, scalable solution.

Tailored for NGO and Government Related Company​.


Budgeting and Expense Management

NGO and government related company will be benefited from:

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Functions Highlight

  • Source of Funding Management​
  • Department Budget Management​
  • Expense Commitment and Checking​
  • Dynamic Approval Workflow​


Source of Funding Management​

  • Supports approval process when preparing the funding pool​

Department Budget Management​

  • Supports approval process when preparing the department budget​
  • Check against the SOF prevent over-budget​
  • Support Versioning for the budget​
  • Support re-allocate the available amount in different budget (via Excel tool)​
  • Dynamically select the version in Comparison Report ​

Expense Commitment and Checking​

  • Check against the Departmental budget when preparing Purchase Order/Purchase Request ​
  • Report to show Committed Amount, Available Amount, Discharge Amount for each departmental budget​

Dynamic Approval Workflow​

  • Defining the approval right separated with the Employee Permission​
  • Customized interface for user to select Next Approver, fill-in comments/reject reasons, attach files in the approval workflow​