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Warranty, Repair & Maintenance

What Is Warranty, Repair & Maintenance?

NetSuite case management capabilities extends your exceptional customer service to returns, repairs and warranty-related claims, increasing loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. NetSuite case management tracks warranties, repairs and returns and gives you the ability to enter, route, escalate and resolve issues. Cases can launch sales orders to ship replacement units, coordinate with warranty claims and initiate a repair process when necessary. Customer service representatives always have real-time information on claim status so they can provide excellent customer service.

Tailored for Healthcare, Machinery Trading​ industry


Warranty, Repair & Maintenance

Any service industry in which service staff needs to provide on-site service

  • Fast Claims Resolution. Create rules to appropriately manage and route claims and ensure timely resolution.
  • Improved Customer Service. Provide customers with real-time case updates and send emails automatically.
  • Lower Overhead and Operational Costs. Minimise the errors that arise from manual processes.
  • Product Improvements. Track returns, repairs and warranty claims, and use that data to identify weaknesses and improve products.
  • Fewer Fraudulent Claims. Increase visibility into warranty data and implement policies and processes so only valid repair, return and warranty requests are processed.

Functions Highlight

  • Device/Machine Management
  • Service Job Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Machine Installation​
  • Warranty Parts Management


Device/Machine Management

  • Able to group multiple items into one single Device/Machine where more details and sub-record can be built in this Machine grouping​

Service Job Management

  • Auto-creation of engineering schedule with pre-defined scheduling interval
  • Job details can be kept for each on-site job​
  • Service Report Print-out for customer confirmation​

Warranty Management

  • Warranty Renewal and alert
  • Linking the Warranty Contract with corresponding Machine even after renewal​

Machine Installation​

  • Workflow control on machine delivery with QC, installation and confirmation​
  • With Engineer scheduling​
  • Link with Item Fulfilment, Warranty Contract and Device/Machine Master​

Warranty Parts Management​

  • Workflow control on requesting and consuming Machinery Parts