Mar 17, 2023 | 5 min read

NetSuite partnership drives Vantis Solutions Limited growth and enhances its reputation

NetSuite合作夥伴關係推動Vantis Solutions Limited業務發展及提升知名度

NetSuite合作夥伴關係推動Vantis Solutions Limited業務發展及提升知名度

"Our partnership with NetSuite has proven to be a very good business decision. It’s been beneficial for NetSuite, for Vantis, and most important for our clients who are realizing greater business efficiency and agility, reduced IT costs and overall business growth. Making clients happy and successful, in turn, drives Vantis’ growth."

- Johnny Wong, Director , Vantis Solutions

Partner Overview

Vantis Solutions is a business applications and technology consulting company serving the Asia Pacific region from its headquarters in Hong Kong and three additional offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei. It is a NetSuite 4-Star Partner and the largest partner in Hong Kong. Established in early 2000, Vantis focused on implementing on-premises ERP systems. In fact, it was one of the first ERP consulting and implementation companies in Hong Kong. It is now structured into three divisions: ERP systems, Vantis HRMS development and business intelligence systems. It works with clients in a number of industry sectors including wholesale distribution, ecommerce, food and beverage, and education. By 2004, Vantis realized that cloud computing was emerging and made the strategic decision to shift its business focus to developing and delivering cloud solutions. “Our mission,” said Vantis Director Johnny Wong, “is to serve our clients by providing them with the highest quality, IT consultancy services and integrated solutions to enable them to address their business needs and sharpen their competitiveness.”

Business Challenge

Early on in its existence, the Principals at Vantis recognized not only that the cloud was coming, but also it would have a significant impact on the way businesses would implement and manage their IT investments. “We understood that the emergence of the cloud would essentially change companies’ business models,” Wong said. “We expected that companies would see the advantages of the cloud—particularly fast growing companies with locations in multiple geographies and a need to provide their employees anywhere, anytime access to company information and systems. But while some IT people were aware of the cloud, most companies hadn’t really begun thinking about it.”

The challenge Vantis faced, particularly in its ERP practice, was to find a cloud-based ERP solution which was proven and customizable, and that would meet clients’ business requirements while reducing their IT management and cost burdens.


As it researched potential cloud-based ERP solutions to replace its on-premise offerings, Vantis was cognizant that it needed to make the correct choice in order to retain its well-established reputation as one of the largest and leading ERP consultancies in Hong Kong, Greater China, Macau, Taiwan and other Asia Pacific regions. It was crucial, therefore, that the solution it chose be:

  1. Established and proven
  2. Easily and rapidly implemented
  3. Customizable
  4. Scalable
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Innovative and continuously evolving


About Vantis

Vantis Solutions Limited, a NetSuite premier partner in Hong Kong, provides end-to-end business solutions and training services throughout the Greater China Region, with expertise in ERP, CRM, eCommerce, social networking and business intelligence. It has partnered with NetSuite to fully integrate online marketplaces, such as in China, into the SuiteCommerce platform. Vantis' online marketplace solution allows businesses to use online marketplaces as an additional sales channel, which integrates into NetSuite's core ERP and CRM business management application. This allows easy creation and management of product listings, particularly automated synchronisation of stock levels, pricing, and product details.

Choosing the Right ERP Vendor

Growing businesses are increasingly turning to ERPs based in the cloud, such as NetSuite ERP, which automates and integrates many core processes without the upfront costs required when deployed on-premises. From a single NetSuite ERP application, businesses can manage accounting, inventory, orders, manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse operations with companywide visibility of operations and data. NetSuite ERP also integrates with other NetSuite business applications, such as ecommerce and CRM.

Choosing the Right ERP solution provider

Vantis is your right solution partner! With our expertise and industry best practice experience, we helps customers define their key problems and solve difficult technical challenges. From planning, operation processes and workflows, system integration, implementation, support and training. We will help you make the right decision for your company.

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