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About Vantis Academy

Established in 2000, Vantis solutions limited is well known and professional IT consultancy company which has over 20 years of experience in providing professional IT service covering Business intelligent, Data warehousing, Tier 1 ERP implementation and human resource management system solution to many companies, over 100 clients have been adopted to Vantis IT consultancy service. With the accumulated solid knowledge and experience on IT solutions, Vantis solutions limited is dedicated to establishing an academy aiming at providing short course training, tailor made course for people and organizations to equip themselves to strengthen their knowledge the success of digitalization transformation.

Vantis academy is the sub-seed of the Vantis solutions limited.

For those who are interested in our provided training courses and tailer made course, you are always welcome to visit our website.

Our Vision

The Vantis Academy aims to become a recognized business intelligence and data management and centre of digitalization transformation in providing short course program for generic public and companies.

Our Mission

The mission of the Vantis Academy is to train talents and executives with the aim of advancing Business intelligent of the industry worldwide.

To fulfil the above mission, Vantis Academy is aided to:

  • Provide executive and professional training courses for people who are interested in business intelligent and database management; and
  • Provide tailor made training courses subject to the demand of enterprises who are eager to leverage the knowledge of driving the digitalization transformation.

Vantis academy is strived to serve the needs of Hong Kong, the mainland China, Singapore and rest of the world.

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