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NetSuite’s software suite is the best choice for manufacturers wanting a complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality provides manufacturers with the software needed to run a modern business.


  • Engineering – Improve product design and BOM management
  • Order Management – Accelerate demand planning and control input type
  • Supply Chain Management – Synergize with suppliers and purchasing, and simplify distribution resource planning
  • Production Control – Improve scheduling, work order management and increase product quality

Key features

  • Procurement Management
    • Ensure availability of materials/items: NetSuite offers native features like requests for quote, blanket purchase orders, and purchase contracts to facilitate procurement and inventory management.
  • Planning and Scheduling
    • Effortlessly schedule upcoming production using NetSuite’s intuitive drag-and-drop tools, gaining real-time visibility and proactively identifying potential issues.
  • Quality Management
    • Aids manufacturers in cost reduction, revenue growth, and supply chain management by enabling inspection plan management, in-process result collection, and non-conformance reporting.
  • Supply Chain
    • Enable seamless management of outsourced production by leveraging NetSuite’s global inventory view, providing companies with visibility regardless of the production location.