Successful story

“The Oracle NetSuite system and with the assistance of the Vantis implementation team have made valuable contribution to the Group. It is a great tool to ease management's hassle in daily operation.” - Edvance International

Customer Name

Edvance International Holdings Limited


Cybersecurity Product and Service Business, Digital Asset Business


Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific cities and countries

Applications Replaced

Financial system


NetSuite Advanced Inventory, NetSuite CRM, NetSuite ERP, NetSuite Financial Management, NetSuite Inventory Management, NetSuite OneWorld, NetSuite Order Management, NetSuite Procurement, NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connect

Customer Success

  • Oracle NetSuite speeds up the financial reporting process of all business lines from a month to 14 days.
  • Edvance is now able to complete everything in one new system, including sales data input, customer quotations and purchase records tracking.
  • The comprehensive dashboard with multiple report format generation is also a great help to business analysis.


  • In 2016, Edvance was preparing to be listed on GEM of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which derived the need to adopt a more comprehensive financial system to meet the listing requirement.
  • Edvance branched to different regions across. When Edvance was branching out to other Asia-Pacific regions, the original solutions could not fit into all regions’ financial reporting requirement. That was where they saw the need of an all-in-one solutions to consolidate the customer relations, sales and financial management, and analyse the sales data of different products with full agility and flexibility to cater to business strategy at any stages.
  • Edvance took a long process to select the best system as it has to be 100% secure and reliable. Oracle NetSuite is a great choice for the Group as it can fulfil the actual needs in different aspects of the Group.


  • Cloud technology is the major trend in the future, and the future of Edvance International too. Oracle NetSuite, the long-established and popular solutions in the world, serves the need to develop cloud technology, was the best choice for Edvance International.
  • Before being listed in 2016, Edvance successfully implemented the new Oracle NetSuite system with the assistance of Vantis. Vantis has extensive experience in implementing Oracle NetSuite and understood the urgency of listing and the stringent requirements for the system. With the Vantis team's assistance, the system could be launched on time even under limited time constraint.
  • By adopting Oracle NetSuite, Edvance can integrate sales, procurement, financial management and customer relations in one centralised platform which have significantly increased the operational efficiency of the Group.
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