Oct 5, 2022 | 2 min read

4 Skills CFOs Need Now and How to Strengthen Them

4 Skills CFOs Need Now and How to Strengthen Them

The CFO’s job is no longer just about the numbers; soft skills are more in demand than ever. Focusing on communication, collaboration, data analysis and FP&A has become critical to being a top CFO.

Those skills can be strengthened with the right tools in place. Getting better insight into your reporting and data can help inform your strategy and better collaborate with your teams. Do you have a few minutes to discuss further this week?

In this business guide you’ll find tips from top CFOs who excel at communication, collaboration, data analysis and FP&A, including:

  1. The four steps to active listening, an especially powerful tool for leaders.
  2. How embedding finance employees in business units can be a win-win.
  3. Ways to automate data gathering to inform analysis efforts.
  4. Why knowing how to quickly adjust to achieve goals is a huge CFO value-add.

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Choosing the Right ERP Vendor

Growing businesses are increasingly turning to ERPs based in the cloud, such as NetSuite ERP, which automates and integrates many core processes without the upfront costs required when deployed on-premises. From a single NetSuite ERP application, businesses can manage accounting, inventory, orders, manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse operations with companywide visibility of operations and data. NetSuite ERP also integrates with other NetSuite business applications, such as ecommerce and CRM.

Choosing the Right ERP solution provider

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