Why ESG? Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG投資

Why ESG?

There are several reasons why ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has become an important consideration for investors:

  • Financial performance: Some research has suggested that companies with strong ESG practices may have better financial performance over the long term, as they are able to minimize risk and better manage their operations.
  • Reputation: Companies with poor ESG practices may face negative publicity and backlash from consumers, employees, and other stakeholders, which can damage their reputation and financial performance.
  • Risk management: Companies with strong ESG practices may be better equipped to manage risks, such as regulatory changes and supply chain disruptions, which can affect financial performance.
  • Social responsibility: Some investors may be motivated by a desire to support companies that align with their values and make a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Legal and regulatory considerations: Some countries have implemented laws and regulations that require companies to disclose their ESG practices and performance.

Challenges on ESG and Decarbonization

  • Lack of rules and robust metrics
  • Green Washing / Data Accountability
  • High investment on ESG